Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cramming for the Final Exam

Put on the coffee pot and get ready to burn the midnight oil—it’s time to study for next week’s final exam in Golf I.

You might assume we know all the answers by now, but this is a new teacher, so it is safer to assume that we are nervous and will study for this one.

Coach K. gave us the following hints in a pre-exam pep talk this past week:

Q: What counts as a stroke?
A: Any attempt to hit the ball. (We find this a bit harsh, but it is the correct answer.)

Q: What happens if the ball lands in mud or water?
A: Find the nearest relief (not the port-a-potty in this definition) and hit from there.

Q: What is the embedded ball rule?
A: Pick it up, clean it off, put it down at the nearest relief (golfing definition).

Q: Can you take mulligans (aka “do-overs”) in competition play?
A: No, with the exception of 4-person Scramble.
(Yet another reason to recommend Scramble, our so-far favorite form of competition.)

Q: What is golf etiquette?
A: (Multiple facets) Play nice. Follow the rules.
Don’t step into your competitor’s line of fire on the green,
don’t chat when someone is shooting, always mark your ball on the green,
remove your shadow from your competitor’s line of putting.
No cursing or club throwing. (We had a few things right.)

Q: Is a hybrid an iron or a wood? (Trick question).
A: It’s both!

Q: How many more times will you enroll in Golf I?
A: As many times as it takes.

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