Sunday, December 20, 2009

Golf Balls on Ice

Civitan Lake borders hole #5 on our home course.  It has a light sheet of ice on its surface this week.

As we strolled along the fairway and gazed out at the frozen seascape, we couldn’t help but notice the little round white bumps dotting the surface of the ice at various places on top of the lake. Closer inspection revealed lots of golf balls just underneath the surface of the thin ice as well.

Who says golf is only for the summer months?

Put on your polar fleece, your ear muffs, and come on out. Meet you at the first tee.

Merry Christmas to and from the Western New Mexico Lunatic Fringe Golf League.



  1. Hi, Vicki,
    I was on the golf course today, skiing on a foot of snow instead of playing golf, but we do what we can in the frozen north. It was just me...and a full-grown coyote, who made me a little nervous. I saw him once before, on the last day we could play golf, but that day he totally ignored me as he trotted by. Today he watched me. Rather unnerving. But I googled him and read that he probably wouldn't bother me. I hope he knows that!

  2. Yikes! A coyote on the golf course. That's something we haven't seen yet, surprisingly, as this IS New Mexico and it's our state animal. Maybe not our state animal, perhaps it's Santa Fe's mascot - and it should be pink or purple! We did see antelope on the Riverview course when we played there during the summer. We were forced to play around them as the herd was reluctant to move....after all, it is their territory! They were beautiful but we worried about hitting them, believe it or not, as we well remembered Katie hitting the goose on the Civitan course!