Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The People's Golf

It has come to our attention that many consider golf to be the sport of wealthy men. Our faithful readers will note that WNMLF golfers do not fit that demographic.

This past weekend, we attended an institute in Scottsdale in a beautiful hotel that bordered an upscale golf course. The subject of the institute was decidedly not golf, and so the only opportunity we had to experience the course was to wander out to the patio with ice tea in hand during breaks and gaze longingly at the par 3 hole next to the hotel grounds.

We were surprised to find ourselves not doing too much longing.

Maybe it was the online investigation that revealed greens fees of $276 for eighteen holes.

Maybe it was the golf shop at the Phoenix airport that charged $9.99 for one golf ball.

Maybe it was the tee shots we observed that didn’t look too much better than tee shots at our beloved Civitan golf course (greens fees $8 for eighteen holes).

What we love about golf is not located in our investment portfolios or the price tags on our equipment.

For us, golf is about the friendly chat, the occasional miracle shot that seems to happen against all odds, the iced coffee at our own 10th hole. Golf is about companionship, a walk in beautiful place, surprise, and mystery.

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