Saturday, March 13, 2010

Symptoms of Golf Withdrawal

From our golfer friend Vernon, who shares what we have been experiencing this winter with the plethora of 4 Corners snowstorms:

  • Glaring hard at the snow until it melts.
  • Glancing down at your shoes & making sure you have good golf cleats . . . while at work.
  • Pulling your golf clubs out of the bag while inside the house & taking a few practice swings. (That’s how things get broken.)
  •  Putting on your golf gloves on instead of your driving gloves.
  • Shoveling off the tee-box you installed in your front yard last fall-- instead of shoveling the snow in the driveway.


  1. Methinks El Nino hasn't been kind to you this winter-- but it IS the first day of spring, and the sun hasn't completely forgotten us.

  2. Golf season has arrived in Minnesota! Yeah! Some courses have been open a week or so already. Today our range opened and the golf course opens on Wednesday - my tee time is 2:00. Ain't it grand?!

  3. I guess we've got NO right to complain from New Mexico about snow and winter when we consider our golfing friends in Minnesota. Go Golfing Gophers!!!!!