Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Prairie Dog Open 2010

The WNMLF event previously known as the Cedar City Open has been renamed to honor the small creatures who participate in such a big way in tournament play.

On Wednesday, July 7th, WNMLF golfers Vicki and Don were joined by Alan, a member of our Las Vegas connection, at Cedar Ridge Golf Course in Cedar City, Utah.

The skies were blue, the bluffs were red, the temperatures were fairly moderate as we made our way around the first 9 holes at Cedar Ridge.

As before, the local prairie dog population appeared at every hole, chattering away and probably stealing golf balls.

Alan hit a manly-golf shot over a large hill that landed on the green on hole #7. Other than that, not much of particular note this year as no balls were ricocheted off the sandstone cliffs or local cottonwoods. Sorry—we’ll try harder next time.

Golf groupie Kathy reported a lively conversation in the grill area about weather and who cooked the best hamburgers in Cedar City.

Important note—no small or large animals were harmed in the execution of tournament play despite appearances. Chalk that up to our Special Effects department.

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  1. Golf AND Shakespeare? You really know how to live, wise one!