Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ice Cube Golf

…and then the cold front blew through the Four Corners last week and our golfing possibilities took a turn for the frigid.

When a cold wind is blowing hard, the grass is crunchy, and you’re wearing so many layers that it’s hard to swing, there is a very funny THUNK sound that happens when your club connects with the golf ball. Even worse, the path that the ball takes after this THUNK is unpredictable.

This weekend was less than balmy and so the normally intrepid WNMLF golfers had a hard time in the November wind chill.

We gave it a go for three holes (using our friend Alan’s check-mark system of scoring) and then abandoned the course for a cup of hot stuff at our favorite Durango Joe’s coffee shop.

These are the times that try golfers’ souls.

A nice hot Harvest Spice Latte made us feel better.


  1. I was wondering where you've been? I figured you were practicing up for something... a THUNK?

  2. There's good news/bad news about cold weather golf. The good news is the ground is so hard that the ball rolls much further. The bad news is that the ball doesn't go as far in the air. Maybe they balance out.