Friday, January 21, 2011

Golf II Reject

Golfer & friend contemplate rejection
We tried to register for Golf II for this spring semester.  We figured that after a few rounds of Golf I (we’ve lost count), we thought that perhaps we should move on into Golf II.

The WebAdvisor software that we use to register for this college class must have been out on the course or the driving range watching us. “No prerequisite. You are blocked from registering for this course.”

The truth is that we have never passed Golf I, if you need to get legalistic about it.   That would involve registering for credit and that is something we have never been willing to do. The gentility of the “audit” has always seemed just right for someone golfing at our level.

So here we are, stuck in Golf Student Purgatory. What next? Stay tuned for more details as this drama unfolds before us.


  1. HA! Do you think students have tried that ploy??? They got your number, sista'!

  2. Maybe going for a grade will improve your game?!

  3. I think you could test out of the prereq!

  4. Yes - we can "comp" golf I and move right into golf II!