Friday, September 19, 2014

Scramble = Golf With Friends

In another part of the sports world, WordsWith Friends is a version of Scrabble. 

It strikes us that in our golf world,   playing Scramble golf should be called Golf with Friends. 

We LOVE Scramble.   

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a bad day or you’re playing on an impossibly hard course. All you need is one friend who has a better hit, and you pick up your golf ball (if you can find it after that miserable tee shot) and move it to the spot where one of your golfing buddies landed her shot on a much better hit. 

The more the merrier. Your odds of a great hit improve with more players in your round. 

It seems to us that Scramble, or Golf With Friends, is very compatible with the WNMLF philosophy of golf.   

If you’re out there, enjoy your day, the scenery, and the company of friends.  Otherwise, what’s the point?

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