Friday, March 11, 2016

Almost Par--New WNMLF Guideline

Civitan Golf Course--WNMLF home 

At WNMLF League practice today, golfer Joan commented, “I am very happy with almost-par.”  Kudos to Joan. She had several almost-par holes today. We will refrain from embarrassing the other golfer and not refer to her performance.

And so we introduce a new guideline for WNMLF League play—if you get within one stroke of par, you are doing a pretty darn good job.

This seems like homage to another founding guideline for WNMLF: No day that includes golf can be a bad day.

We will not mention the interesting tee shot that went down the dreaded hill on #4 or the ball that was eaten by evil golf sprites on #5 never to be seen again…and a few other creative shots.

The sun is shining, the grass is beginning to green up, and golf seems more possible than it did a month ago. 

Cheers.  Here’s to another season on the course.  See you out there.


  1. Fabulous day on the course and despite my major allergies happening this season I felt so much better walking around the course and hitting balls - wherever they landed! You didn't mention our luncheon at Pinon Hills Church. Fresh greens and healthy chicken salad - yum!

  2. Maybe that's because I put my healthy chicken salad in between 2 slabs of bread and ate a healthy side of fries. Even more yum!