Thursday, May 27, 2010

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Golf Course

We never did see Tiger out there, but with the help of Google maps, we managed to find the Hidden Valley Golf Course that claims to be in Aztec, New Mexico.

WNMLF league players Katie, Joan, and Vicki had a lovely morning exploring the first 9 holes of this course. The weather was beautiful, the mountains in the distance were still snowcapped, and by way of the miracle of Scramble, we had a pretty good round.

We had a little trouble finding hole #2, but were able to locate it before accidentally teeing off at hole #3.

Later, as we were headed toward the clubhouse, focused on lunch, we sailed right by the tee box on hole #9. Vicki was ready to put down the ball and start whacking away in the middle of the fairway on the long par 5 hole, but a sense of Golf Propriety in the persons of Joan and Katie shamed her into turning the cart around and looking again for the tee box. We discovered that they had hidden it on the other side of the cart path.

After a dip in the sand trap on #9 (aka a WNMLF beach party), we finished the hole, gave back the golf carts, and beelined for the snack bar.

We can recommend the grilled cheese on wheat, the patty melt, and the view from the patio.

It was an excellent day on the hidden links, even without a Tiger-sighting.

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