Sunday, May 30, 2010

WNMLF Golf Banquet

Earlier this month as we completed our latest round of Golf I (5th or 6th attempt, depending on how you count), we decided we should celebrate with a WNMLF Golf League Banquet.

So we did.

Cheers!   May your summer rounds be filled with blue skies, moderate temperatures, straight tee shots, and friendly greens.


  1. Dang! You're tempting me to play golf... I never thought it that much fun!!

  2. When you're back--come on out to the golf course! You can at least meet us in the snack bar--a good way to get started.

  3. So glad to see the blogger is back. We have a particular pair of goose parents with three ugly babies...on Tuesday they were meandering across the 15th fairway, seemingly in a foot race with a turtle. Being more single-minded and less flighty, the turtle won. The geese turned back in embarassment. We also found their footprints in the bunker. Seems they walked on through to poop on the green. They did not rake the bunker!

  4. I am curious what the appropriate meal is to end another round of Golf I?