Sunday, May 29, 2011

Golf and Trees

WNMLF golfers Katie, Joan, and Vicki found their way back to the Hidden Valley Golf Course in Aztec last week for another round of the Roaming WNMLF Tournament.

This course has excellent trees.

We found ourselves recommending Hidden Valley earlier that week to fellow golfers at Civitan who hit the tree on hole #1 while we waited our turn to tee off.

Our own favorite trees at Civitan are those that border holes #3 and #4, at the base of the Dreaded Hill.

But the Civitan trees pale in comparison to those at Hidden Valley. The trees there are all over the place, often separating us from our intended targets on the greens.

We report that we must be making progress. After a pleasant lunch on the patio of the clubhouse (recommended—the chicken quesadilla) with a view of the green on #9, we note that maybe we’re not as bad as we think we are at this golf thing.

And on the way out, the pro in the shop told us that no one had complained about us.

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  1. Giving as little information as possible, said "fellow golfers" wouldn't admit to hitting the tree. In writing, they had to fess up. LOL