Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pagosa Springs Open

Monday, August 1, 2011. Golfers Joan, Katie, and Vicki journeyed to the Pagosa Springs Golf Club.

Welcome to the club

Important notes from tournament play—

• If you hook your ball on a big swing at the driving range and hit the window on someone’s house, you’re on your own. We hope you have golf insurance.

• Neither do you want to park your car on the perimeter of the driving range.

• When a golf course has three hole #1’s, it is very important to listen to directions from the nice man who hands out the keys to the golf carts.

• If you find yourself bumping down a washboard gravel road headed toward someone’s driveway, odds are good that you have missed the turn to hole #2.

• If you spend too much time admiring the scenery and the mountain views during your round, you will annoy the golfers who are behind you and in a hurry to make it to a lunch appointment. This is a good time to let other golfers play through. This also has the advantage of giving you more time to admire the scenery.

Evidence that we actually play golf

• Chainsaw bear sculptures are a hot item in Pagosa Springs. Our favorite was the bear in the chef’s hat at hole #8 who was holding a blank piece of wood that probably used to hold a menu.

• The new restaurant in the clubhouse has excellent sandwiches and sweet potato fries. All this and a wonderful view of the course and the mountains from the deck.

• We highly recommend the coffee house on the river in downtown Pagosa Springs.

 We apologize for the delay in filing this report and hope it has not caused any inconvenience for our readers.


  1. Vicki,

    Love the comment about figuring out you are not on the path to hole #2 when you find yourself bumping down some gravel road that leads toward a house. You made me laugh out loud. I love Pagosa Springs and the golf courses there. You not only made me laugh, but I now want to go play there again... and soon!

  2. I enjoy a good laugh, too, but I'm not convinced! Too much yarn, I guess.