Saturday, August 27, 2011

No Film at 11

The highlight of our WNMLF practice round at Civitan on Friday night was a helicopter circling the golf course and landing across the street at the Farmington High School football field.

No nose for news
 The Channel 13 News Helicopter from Albuquerque, for whatever reason, was doing some landing practice during the Piedra Vista HS-Santa Fe HS football game season opener.

We blame one particularly bad tee shot on this unexpected distraction during play.

Later, golfers Joan and Vicki did their best to wave at the helicopter in a brazen attempt to get themselves and their golf clubs on the evening news, but to no avail.

Violating our bed time, we stayed up long enough to watch Channel 13 News from Albuquerque. We were skunked. No footage of league practice that night.

This seems like an error in judgment on the part of the Channel 13 sports editors and a missed opportunity.

And WNMLF golfers lost a potential 30 seconds of fame (out of the 15 minutes that Andy Warhol promised us).

Too bad. Maybe the next helicopter pass will produce better results.


  1. You're already in-famous, girls! Have a great weekend.

  2. News' loss. Everyone could have taken a cue from your casual "that's what sports is supposed to be about!" attitude.