Monday, August 25, 2014

Proposed Social Media Policy for WNMLF Golf League


WNMLF bloggers are not opposed to social media.  Anyone who golfs and/or reads the blog is encouraged to participate.

Social Media Tools

There are many social media tools.  We would use more, but we’re borderline techie imbeciles.  Therefore, the blog and notifications on Twitter will have to suffice. 

Purpose of Social Media

  • Promote the WNMLF Golf League mission. 
  • Disseminate grassroots golf news—because the world needs to know.
  • Promote shamelessly the blogger.
  • Educate, inform, entertain.
  • Promote debate with a view to finding solutions.
  • Consider alternative viewpoints.
  • Promote events and exhibitions.


  • In all things be moderate.
  • Any defamatory postings or comments will be removed.
  • Defamatory postings include, but are not limited to, those that are: racist, sexist, political, insulting, reporting of actual golf scores, threatening.

Relevant Legislation

  • The person writing the blog gets to make things up and use the royal “we,” as in, “We had a great tee shot on hole #3,” or “We prefer milk and lemon in our tea.”
  • There will be no throwing of golf clubs, either on the course, or at the computer, or at the blogger.
  • No animals will be harmed in the writing, reading, or golfing related to this blog.
  • This policy will be reviewed every so often in case we need to do something else.
Etc & etc & etc
(With homage and thanks to Australian National Botanic Gardens for inspiration)

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