Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Prairie Dog Open July 2014

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We are happy to report that this year, a contingent of WNMLF golfers returned to Cedar City, Utah, to play the semi-irregular Prairie Dog Open. 

Faithful readers will note an absence of a few years and (we hope) rejoice in the return of this auspicious event.

Monday, July 21, 2014
Cedar Ridge Golf Course
Shotgun start:  9:30 am or so
Temp:  Moderate for this time of year
Sunny skies
Participating golfers:  Alan, Don, Vicki, and assorted prairie dogs
Cheerleader:  Kathy from the air conditioned splendor of the snack bar

The course invited golfers with very blue skies, red rock mountain foothills, and good grooming that worked skillfully around the prairie dog holes.

Prairie dogs were welcoming and did not interrupt too many backswings during this year’s tournament.  No animals were injured by either golf clubs or high velocity golf balls. Neither were there any corpses (prairie dog or otherwise) observed on the course of play.

Hole #8:  Golfers Don and Vicki scored holes-in-one when their tee shots disappeared into prairie dog holes!!!  Oh frabjous day!  

This led to the only disappointing moment of the day. The local car dealership did not seem to understand that the custom is to award a car to anyone who scores a hole-in-one during tournament play. 

Golfers retreated to the local Thai restaurant for the tournament banquet. A fine time was had by all. Thank you for your support.


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