Thursday, September 24, 2009

In Which We Play a Big Shot Golf Course

Thursday, September 24, 2009. Mark your calendars. WNMLF league players Katie and Vicki played 5 complete holes at Pinon Hills Golf Course today. Even more miraculously, we had a great time out there.

Katie had some whopper tee shots, and a beautiful chip shot on hole #2. Vicki hit the fairway on four of her tee shots (if you’ve played with her you realize the importance of this statistic), and hit a very impressive trick shot off a sandstone bluff that made a high bounce before disappearing into a chamisa bush.

We have discovered another potential WNMLF golf guideline—On big shot golf courses, play scramble and make sure you’re teamed up with at least one good golfer.

Operating on this principle today, we made par on 3 holes, and bogeyed the other two. In other words, we came in at only two over.

We must observe what has happened in the preceding paragraphs—all this golf on the big course has gone to our heads, and we are communicating in golf lingo, intelligible only to other golfers or maybe people who walk around with aluminum foil on their heads looking for alien spacecraft.

Look out LPGA. We might be in the rear view mirrors in your golf carts.

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