Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Full Swing Practice

Class #3. Out on the driving range, we share a bucket of balls with a partner and hit 5 balls each.

Vicki’s partner Brian said, “Hmm. You’re tall. With that club, those shots should be going longer.”

We agree, but are still mystified with the whole thing. Focus—bend over, straight back, address the ball, interlock grip but” banana hands”, loose wrists, back swing, ninety degree angle on backswing, left arm straight, swing, connect, follow-through, bend at the hips.


Too much thinking? It’s a head game. When your head starts to explode, the shots only get worse.

On Thursday, we’ll go back out there and maybe—just maybe—those little white range balls will go flying past the target. It’s happened before and there is every possibility it can happen again.

This is a game for optimists.


  1. I suppose if it came easy, you'd soon get bored. I mean, half the fun has to be in the unpredictability, right?

  2. Good point. We definitely do NOT get bored out there with WNMLF league practice OR play. Where is that ball going? One never quite knows....