Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meditation on "FORE!"

When you are out on the golf course, and you hear someone (or several people) yelling, “Fore!”, you understand right away that you are in imminent danger of getting bopped by a golf ball on your head or some other sensitive body part.

You are supposed to protect yourself when you hear this, but in our experience, this raises some very big questions.

Where IS that ball coming from? Where am I supposed to look? Which way am I supposed to move? What if I look up long enough to discover it is hitting me?

You don’t know where and how the ball is going to fall until you hear that unmistakable PLOP somewhere in your vicinity. Obviously it is then far too late to take any evasive action.

Why holler at all? We guess it is related to what one of our teachers told us early on in this learning process.

“Golf is a game of honor,” he said.

So we are left to guess it is honorable to at least pretend that you are trying to protect a fellow or sister golfer from a whack on the head.

This might even be polite. It seems like this is built into golf. And wouldn’t our mothers approve?

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