Monday, November 30, 2009

A Golfer's Birthday

We are sorry to have made fun of Katie’s golf ball retriever in an earlier post, because now there is an identical golf ball retriever in this writer’s golf bag. It arrived at our door this weekend in the hands of our golfing buddy Joan, complete with festive ribbon wrapped around the pole.

It must be admitted that it is pretty cool, and probably will serve for multiple uses, like retrieving cat toys from underneath the refrigerator, and shooing away flying bats to name only a couple of possibilities.

No sticking snow on the ground here yet, so we hope to have a chance soon to try out this new, cool device on an actual golf course. We will definitely keep you posted.

It does appear that we may also be keeping alien spaceships posted as we wander the course with this device in our bag. We will get back to you on this, too.


  1. Don't forget the aluminum hat-- aliens can read your thoughts!

  2. The picture you've posted of a golf ball retriever looks pretty classy, Vicki! I can see you've already thought of many uses for this golf bag ornament!