Saturday, November 7, 2009

Library Golf

On a tour of the college library with her class the other day, this blogger found herself quite unintentionally stopped in the golf section. She looked up and GV 979.P75 R65 1996 was trying to jump off the shelf.

And there it was—advice from Dr. Bob Rotella, sports psychologist and golf philosopher,


Among the Pearls from Dr. Bob:

“The right choice is the decisive choice.”

“It’s not very important where you’ve been. Life is about where you’re going.”

“If you can win the battle with your mind and emotions and play your best game, then you really can’t lose.”

“Most dreams are attainable if the dreamer is ready to devote consistent, intelligent effort to them.”

…and a few other pearls scribbled in now undecipherable handwriting.

Then life pressed in and this reader had to press on with the rest of her day.

She walked out of the library with some good advice to ponder, maybe even some golf tips.

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