Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Rain-Wind-Rainbow Tournament Report

We know you’re anxious for the news, and so we must report here that the WNMLF Scramble Team of Joan, Katie, Cindy, and Vicki survived their first-ever 18 hole tournament at Pinon Hills Golf Course, a benefit for our local Toys for Tots program.

Even though we finished last by some measures, we are happy to report that we finished first for the ladies’ team category (which sounds even better if you forget to notice that we were the only ladies’ team entered).

Things looked a little grim as we sat in our carts, waiting for the shotgun start. It was about 38 degrees F, and rain began to pour down on us.

“Golfers, start your carts.” We were off.

Our first hole was #10. We made the happy discovery that even though we were wet and cold, our teammate Katie was going to have a fabulous day on the course. We made par on that first hole following Katie’s good shots.

As we drove toward hole #11, shivering Cindy said, “One down and only seventeen to go.”

For the next few hours, we experienced almost every weather pattern that the Four Corners has to offer—sunshine, rain, sleet, clouds, wind. All we missed was the snow that held off until a few hours after we finished.

We made the turn and stopped off in the snack bar for hot chocolates.

Springtime returned to us on hole #3. We looked back and saw a full arc rainbow, certainly a sign from the universe that a day on the golf course is always a good one.

Things we learned in our first tournament—

**Some golfers have raincoats for their golf carts.

**There is not necessarily a real shotgun in a “shotgun” start.

**A $20 investment in a pink paint stick is money well-spent.  The paint stick allows Scramble golfers to count any ball within the radius of the paint stick around the hole as IN the hole. We made good use of this stick.

**W. Timothy Gallwey’s humming thing didn’t work out so well.

**It is NOT a good idea to carry a cup of hot chocolate out onto the green and attempt to putt while holding aforementioned hot chocolate.

**If you try to play with one of your cool, official tournament golf balls, you will probably lose it on the first or second hole you play.

**It can take a really long time to play 18 holes.

**The WNMLF team rocks.

Is there any other way to play golf?

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