Monday, July 14, 2014

Compare & Contrast the Big Tomato to the Big Cheese--a Fogo Von Slack Writing Prompt

The Big Tomato and the Big Cheese are somewhat alike, but mostly they are different. 

First of all, they are both Big.  This is where the similarity ends. 

Mostly, they are different.  You need the Big Tomato whenever you set out to write something.  You need a Big Tomato for a college essay (please), a blog post, a poem, a screenplay, a tv show, a Tweet, even your grocery list needs a Big Tomato. (Although we recommend that you confine most of your Big Tomato procurements to your local farmers’ market or what you discover growing on vines in your backyard.) 
You really don’t need a Big Cheese for much of anything, except perhaps as an object of satire in your Tweets.  A caution here—if job security is important to you, be careful with this satirical purposing of the Big Cheese.   

Now for the connection to golf, because of course it is here.  Golf can help us understand just about anything. 

On the golf course, your best use of the Big Tomato is on the BLT you order from the grill during your break between the front nine and the back nine.  In fact, we recommend the BLT. 

On the golf course, the Big Cheese is the guy in his own golf cart with the very expensive, custom-made clubs who may or may not actually be able to hit the golf ball.  In any event, avoid the Big Cheese on the course.  Let him play through.  He is obnoxious and may even bean you with a golf ball from a  tee shot with his pricey driver.   

Now it is important to write a conclusion.  So you see, the Big Tomato and the Big Cheese are somewhat alike, but mostly they are different.

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  1. First: Glad to see you back to the blog!
    Second: I'm gonna steal that conclusion.