Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We Break In a New Golf Teacher

Tuesday, August 25. First day of class we met in a classroom. Coach K is the designated instructor of this Golf I class.

We learned:

**Coach K prefers to be called, “Coach.”

**A golf ball has 420 dimples. Not only do they add style, they enable aerial flight. (It’s physics. Trust us on this one.)

**If lightning is headed for Pinon Hills Golf Course, the guy in the pro shop will see it on special radar. If you’re out there on the course and you hear an air horn, hit the dirt, get off the course, and/or hide in the outhouse.

**There is a difference between red numbers and black numbers on Titleist golf balls. It has something to do with compression.

**Guys with big swings should play a harder golf ball on hot days. Women should always play a softer ball. We are not making this up.

**Some people actually care about what kind of golf balls they are hitting.

**If you let grass accumulate in the little grooves on the face of your golf clubs, it will add an unwanted backspin to your shots.

**The cute animal head covers that many golfers use on the clubs in their bags serve a purpose other than decoration.

**We think we’re going to have fun and learn something from Coach.

Stay tuned for updates on future developments in the academic careers of a few of our WNMLF golfers.

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