Thursday, August 6, 2009

10th Hole--Iced Coffee on the Patio

An important WNMLF tradition is iced coffee at Durango Joe’s after we’ve packed our bags and carts away.

Hardcore golfers may argue with this concept. They define the 19th hole as their spot in the club bar, usually with alcoholic beverage in hand. Part of their tradition seems to center on sharing golf-whopper stories, perhaps in the style of the fisherperson’s “one that got away” tales. Oddly enough, we WNMLF golfers don’t have too many of those stories.

WNMLF yet again remixes a tradition to suit our needs.

Readers might notice a slight revision in math. We generally retire our clubs for the day after the 9th hole, or one round at Civitan. Right now, it’s really HOT out there. What can we say?

Durango Joe’s is our favorite coffee spot only a few blocks away from our club-of-choice, Civitan (see earlier posting). We drink our iced coffees on a small patio out front. We often rearrange the patio furniture to catch the right angle of shade. Fortunately, DJ’s is pretty laid back about furniture placement.

From this patio, we can exchange the news of the day, drink our coffee, and watch the big white thunderhead clouds that begin to build on the horizon to let us know this is August in New Mexico and time for monsoon season.

Sometimes we even talk about golf.


  1. Coffee at Durango Joe's is a great way to finish our golf game, Vicki, I agree. However, I think we do some important work there, including solving all the BIG prolems of the world. If only everyone else in the world had access to our resolutions!

  2. Eew, coffee. :(

    But New Mexico weather is always a good topic of conversation and everyone in our grand old state can comprehend it, which is to say that it is more understood than golf. Everyone loves a state that can produce rain without a single black cloud in sight. What, can't do that, Texas?

    But, yeah, golf is nice, too. :)

    -Vannah, who can't seem to get her name to show up in the "comment as" section.

  3. Hi Vannah, You may need to have an account with google gmail and in your profile choose a name for yourself to use in the blogs. By the way, my brother has a van named Vannah - are you my sister in law?