Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Golf JuJu

If you google “golf game improvement” you will get about 10,400 hits. Even assuming that some of these will get you to a challenged speller’s blog about water polo in the Gulf of Mexico, this is still a lot of stuff.

These multiple sites offer advice for free and lots of stuff you can buy with your hope and your credit card. This stuff will make you play better, hit better, find your target, find your lost golf balls, putt better, and look better out there on the links.

You can buy pills, radar, golf clubs, and countless accoutrement that promises to make you a better golfer.

It is our observation that none of this stuff actually works. Bottom line—golfers carry around a collection of metal sticks and use them in an attempt to hit a tiny ball into a small hole hundreds of yards away. This really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

So we have to make the leap that golfers are eternal optimists and/or people who believe in magic.

“See that flag way over there?” our first golf teacher said. “Hit it that way.”

“Ok,” we replied, full of optimism, as we swung at that tiny ball and missed. Somehow we tried again and again and again, and we’re still trying.

I don’t know why. It must be JuJu.


  1. Ahh-- eternal optimists make excellent customers! Remember, I'm not even a golfer and was still talked into going halfs on a driver-- but not just ANY driver. And if someone ever asks me to go halfs again on a SINGLE golf club, I will ask more questions...

  2. I don't know if I knew what a "driver" was in golf until I took my first golf class.
    I think the only thing which may improve one's golf game is practice, and even with practice there are absolutely NO guarantees!