Sunday, August 2, 2009

Guest Commentary from a Blog Reader/Golfer

Reading our blog provided our friend Vernon with a game-altering experience.
He reports:

“I went back to Riverview bound and determined for an improvement from yesterday…. I think I was a little more focused on observing the scenery from all the different tee boxes, watching lizards run around, admiring the 2 deer that were on the 13th fairway (making sure I didn't disturb them) and searching for the geese that hiss and attempt to bite you . . . oh, sorry, that's Civitan.

I read the Golf Blog (prior to playing) and just had a great laugh. I was looking forward to Vicki's putting advice, hand-grip techniques and professional golf etiquette. I sought out Joan's tee-box stance techniques and suggestions on how to avoid the bunkers, only to be inspired by breakfast burritos, chicken salad, territorial negotiations between golfers and geese . . . and yes, even 'beaning' a goose.

Let’s not forget about the new planet that has joined our solar system, planet Vickijoan. I hope to play a round of golf there some day and have a new sense of inspiration of how the game is to be REALLY played . . . with fun. :)”

Vernon, you are welcome to join WNMLF play anytime.

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