Friday, August 14, 2009

Golf Ball Whisperer

“Meet me at the Buick in handicapped parking,” he said as he caught up with us at the tee box on hole #9.

Then he handed Joan the ball that had landed on the lakeshore on her first tee shot off hole #5.

“Here’s your ball,” he said, as we looked surprised to see the ball that we had given up for lost in the weeds.

He apparently perceived that we were a group of golfers who could use all the extra balls that would come our way.

We finished out hole #9, sat in the shade to add up our scores, and made our way to the parking lot.

We were soon joined by our new friend with the Buick and the trunk full of found golf balls. With great pride, he told us stories of how many lost and abandoned golf balls he had retrieved that day and one day last week on our Civitan golf course. He knew the exact numbers.

We also heard about the thousands of lost golf balls he had collected when he lived and worked near golf courses in Nevada and Utah. He also knew those exact numbers.

In the trunk of the Buick, he had a Christmas popcorn tin filled to the brim with these found golf balls.

“Reach in there,” he said. “Grab yourself a dozen or more. Take as many as you want.”

And so in golf--as in life--when you least expect it, beauty, magic, and generosity can come your way.

We were grateful for this moment of grace. And for the golf balls.


  1. Perfect. A serendipitous (could that be spelled even close to correctly?) moment.

  2. I enjoyed the moment, especially because I received some more golf balls!