Thursday, July 30, 2009

Golf and Opera

We’re having a bit of a difficult time making this connection, perhaps because no one has yet written an opera with golf as the theme.

Why not? Golf has conflict, tension, sexual innuendo, heartbreak, hope, victory, defeat, biting geese (maybe even some murders that the PGA/LPGA doesn’t want us to know about?) In other words, it has what it takes for opera. Why no golf opera?

Golfer Vicki pondered these important questions from the top of the mezzanine at the Santa Fe Opera the other night. The wind, lightning, and thunder rolled into the mountains north of Santa Fe as the opera unfolded, bringing to mind the climactic scene in Caddyshack when the Reverend Father Golfer played his best round ever and was struck down by lightning on the last green.

Come on you 21st century composers. Step up to the tee box, address the ball, and write us an opera.


  1. Ok, I have a nominee to write the golf opera - the one, the only, "Don Allen"!

  2. Maybe we can commission him....!?!?!

  3. A golf opera? Hmm. Maybe it's been done. I'll check!