Thursday, July 23, 2009

History--Cedar City Open--2008

First Road Trip and Tour Play

Cedar Ridge Golf Course
Cedar City, Utah
19 July 2008
Tee time: 2:00 pm +/-
Temp 93 F +

Golfers: Alan, Don, Vicki +multiple prairie dogs


Hole #1--Don made a trick shot through the cottonwood tree that landed on the green after scattering leaves and making an impressive bounce off the tree trunk.

Hole #3--Prairie dogs laughing, chattering, munching as Vicki attempts backswing. Not a great shot.

Hole #5--Corpse on the fairway, toes up. Should we place a flower in his paws? Is this in the golf rule book anywhere?

Hole #8--Don hits a prairie dog in the butt with a fairway shot. Aforementioned prairie dog jumps up and exits the course.

Back in the clubhouse--patient golf groupie Kathy completed 4 crossword puzzles in the air-conditioned splendor.

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