Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our friendly golf writer--guest commentary

Special guest golfer Patrick joined Joan and Vicki for a round at our Civitan club on July 7.

In addition to his fame as a second grade teacher and a Bisti Writing Project teacher consultant, he is becoming a renowned golf writer as a regular contributor to -Four Corners Golf- magazine.

In other words, he really knows how to play golf. We knew we were in trouble when he hit off the first tee with a pitching wedge and went past the green.

Fortunately, it turns out that Pat is very laid back. In his own words, "Vicki, I'm a patient man. I teach second grade." He is also a great golf coach.

He has given us permission to post here an excerpt from his golf journal that records our play from that day:

"I played at Civitan the week before the Classic [tournament at Pinon Hills golf course] with Vicki and Joan, two of my friends from the Bisti Writing Project, part of the National Writing Project that encourages teachers to see themselves as writers in order to become better teachers of writing. This was the first official golf outing for what we members affectionately call 'The BWP', and it was delightful and refreshing. We played a different version of golf that day, and it was a jolting reminder of what it was like when I first started playing golf. We went to a planet I’ll call Planet VickiJoan.

On Planet VickiJoan, a hole does not begin until an acceptable shot 'catches air' (flies at least as high as the player’s head or higher). A putt that lips out is counted unless all the players in the group agree that the person who was putting was 'robbed.' Even full swings don’t count sometimes. On hole #5, the one by the pond, I yanked my tee shot over the water where it landed on the far, small, and muddy shore. After that, I teed it up again, put one near the green, and actually putted in for a bogey four. They, however, were applauding my birdie?! I even got a free lunch for giving two tips, one per partner. I am a genius on Planet VickiJoan! When I made a real birdie on hole #1 to start the second nine, I felt like a small town hero!"

Thanks, Patrick. You are welcome to join the WNMLF any time.

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  1. I'm not sure about the planet VickiJoan....although I live living there.