Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pinon Hills League Practice

Pinon Hills Golf Course is our local, famous, big golf course. If by chance you haven’t been keeping up with your Golf Digests, you might not know that.

Some of our friends from other states who actually know how to play golf have come here to play this course, and they give it a thumbs up.

So Pinon Hills is understandably reluctant to be associated with WNMLF golfers.

So far, we have done some good work on the putting green, the chipping green, the driving range, and the grill. Especially the grill.

We can recommend the breakfast sandwiches and the chicken salad.

We will also divulge here if our readers will promise not to give this away—the patio outside the grill has the best view of any restaurant in town. You can dine next to the splendor of the brightly-colored flower pots with a killer view of the bluffs south of town.

Joan and Vicki did some time on the driving range this morning. We overhead the golf coach telling his young golfers to end on a good shot. That sounded like a good idea, but we ran out of range balls at the wrong time.

Timing is everything, as we beg your indulgence to end on the cliche of the day.

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