Friday, July 31, 2009

Golf Ball Heaven

Golfer Katie showed up today at league practice with an object in her bag that looked like radar or a way to communicate with alien space ships.

Upon questioning, it turned out that this object is, in fact, a golf ball retriever.

One of today’s tee shots (golfer to be unidentified here) was a splasher that went into the ditch that parallels hole # 6 at Civitan.

“Oh good,” said Joan. “Now we get to have some fun going after that ball.”

Aforementioned golf ball retriever, alas, did not perform up to expectations and that ball was lost in the murky water.

This makes us pause to wonder about what does happen to all those golf balls that we never find. So where do they go?
Maybe Katie really is summoning aliens after all.


  1. Oh no, Vicki, I happen to know the golf ball retriever really works! Katie and I used it to rescue Sponge Ball Square pants from the ditch and we found two other balls as well. It was terrific fun winning two balls left behind by other golfers, and, without falling in the ditch. I'm still waiting for that to happen as I zealously retrieve golf balls from bodies of water.

  2. I never thought I'd be reading a golfing blog but I forgot to tell you this morning Vicki that I've been retrieving golf balls for you! Amazing how they show up when you're mindful.

  3. Perhaps you need to do as the movie "Signs-" fashion yourself a pointy hat made of alumuninum foil, and then you'll be better able to tune into the signals between the retriever and the runaway balls...

  4. Ohhh--now this has POTENTIAL, Denise. Thanks for the extra-terrestrial tip.