Monday, July 27, 2009

Wild Geese on the Golf Course

…with some apology to the poet Mary Oliver.

The family of geese who live at Civitan are not the same geese that Mary Oliver spotted and wrote about so beautifully.

This gaggle poops on the fairways, hisses at golfers, and toddles all over the course at will. They live on our favorite lake that is in-between hole #5 and hole #6.

WNMLF golfer Katie accidentally beaned one of the youngsters earlier this spring, but he bounced back with no apparent damage. (Although it is quite possible that this is the guy who hissed at Vicki during her backswing one morning on hole #1 earlier this month.)

During league practice this morning, golfer Joan said before she teed off on hole #9, “Don’t hit the geese,” and then narrowly missed them.

Here was the existential dilemma—could Joan cross over in the middle of the geese to retrieve that ball?

Vicki advised an approach with a golf club in hand. “They bite, too,” she said.

Groundskeeper and occasional coach to the WNMLF Marty saved the day. He drove up in a golf cart and shooed the offending geese away, thereby saving the day and Joan’s golf ball.

Just another day with the WNMLF.

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  1. Marty was playing geese cowboy, rounding up the geese and leading them away from my ball. Instead of a horse, he was using a golf cart. I was able to safely pick up my errant ball - no hissing and no biting.